The United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences, Ehime University



Education and Research

Advisory system

UGAS-EU consists of three majors and four departments, with academic staff expertise that extends beyond that of any one of the constituent universities. Three supervisors are assigned to each student: a supervisor and two co-supervisors. Students are located at the same university as their supervisor and one of the co-supervisors, which provides an efficient and effective educatioal system.


Applicants can choose a supervisor by referring to the ‘Fields of Instruction and Supervising Professors' pages. Once accepted by the supervisor, applicants take an examination. After acceptance, students are assigned two co-supervisors. UGAS-EU students receive direct professional guidance and instruction for their doctoral thesis from the supervisor. Students also receive further instruction from their co-supervisors. Upon entering UGAS-EU, the supervisor will review the student's research in close cooperation with the two co-supervisors and the student.
Since April 2001, in accordance with article 14 of the special edict on education for working students, instruction and classes have been provided in the evening and other designated times.
Starting in April 2004, working students have also been eligible to apply for the ‘Long Term Study Plan', making it possible to extend the time for instruction past that for the normal course of study. The Short Term Study Program for Working Students started in Octorber 2016, in which working students deemed to have completed outstanding research can complete the program in two yeas.


The primary goal of UGAS-EU is to train top-level researchers with a broad knowledge of agricultural science who can continue their research activities on their own after graduating.
The Student Education Program was established in April 2006. This program entails research supervision by several faculty members, seminars and a mid-term review of both the dissertation and research progress. A new curriculum and a course credit system were introduced in April 2009 to enhance graduate school education.
We also offer competitive programs that provide funding for presenting at international conferences.
UGAS-EU eagerly welcomes students from foreign countries. We feel Japan and UGAS-EU should play a role in the internationalization of education and in protecting environmental resources. To further this goal, we have a Special Three-year Doctoral Program for International Students in Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture and Related Sciences.
In October 2002, Ehime, Kagawa and Kochi universities started a special master's program in agriculture for international students from Asia, Africa and the Pacific Rim that leads into our special doctoral course for Asian, African and Pacific Rim students.


The three constituent universities each have a history of providing a base for bioresource production through academic research, thus promoting the growth of the Shikoku Island region. Therefore, the combined resources of these universities should have a greater impact in the fields of agriculture, forestry and fisheries. This structure supports a wider range of research from production technology, environment, and facilities; product processing, use, and distribution; and human living environments.