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 Agriculture is one of the most fundamental, comprehensive fields of study including biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, economics or biotechnology. It is necessary to build a harmonious, sustainable relationship between nature and human society by integrating a comprehensive, interdisciplinary fields.In order to maintain and to insure the rich life that people have built and will be sustained into the future, the effective use of life functions and products by utilizing are developing the capacity of living things are essential. Accordingly, we call on personal resources who are not bound by the existing framework and gaining specialized knowledge and practical skills in their various fields with broad viewpoint and flexible approach not only from a regional perspective, but also from a view point of conservation of the global environment.
  The United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences (a 3-year doctoral program), has established a program based on these principles offering three courses: Bioresource Production Science, Applied Bioresource Science and Life Environment Conservation Science, which reflect the distinctive strengths of the agriculture faculties of the three participating universities. These three courses accept students who have completed a master's degree in Japan. But we also offer agricultural research and study enriched by a global perspective which is enhanced by the international students participating in the Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture and Related Sciences program and the Special Doctoral Course Program in Agricultural Sciences for Students from Asia, Africa and the Pacific Rim who concentrate on research related to their specific regions.
  Agriculture is an important area of science not only for maintaining and improving the rich life of humankind, but also for preserving and improving the environment and ecosystem. We are looking for people who are motivated to explore the many possibilities of agricultural sciences.