The United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences, Ehime University


About Admission

If you want to enter the United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences, it is necessary to inquire and consult beforehand with one of our professors in your field of study.

Application Forms

Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture and Related Sciences program

■ Spring Admission (April, 2025)  New!


Application Inquiry Period ~ July 22, 2024
Application Period ~ October 15, 2024 【must arrive】

■ Autumn Admission (October, 2025)

Under preparation

■ Autumn Admission with the special MEXT scholarship (October, 2025)

Under preparation

General Admission

■ General Admission Application for APRIL, 2025 New!


Application Period July 10 (Wed) ~ 22 (Mon), 2024 【must arrive】
Deadline for Examination Voucher Download Period August 5 (Mon) ~ 23 (Fri), 2024
Examination August 19 (Mon) ~ 23 (Fri), 2024
※Interview times will be announced later.
Announcement of Candidates September 2 (Mon), 2024 10:00 ~
Registration Period March 10 (Mon) ~ 17 (Mon), 2025

(This application guideline has not been prepared in paper form, so please download the data and prepare the application documents.)